if it’s for the sake of saving invaluable lives, i don’t care about my own limits.

welcome to my twisted ankle

September 12th - Happy Birthday Minami Kotori (・8・)


i feel bad for ppl i recommend hunter x hunter to that watch the first few episodes and drop it cause they they think it’s boring. 

its not boring you are just weak

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knock me out i want to sleep so badly

i’m planning to make a sideblog for my irl friends to contact me i’ll be reblogging exactly the same i do currently but probably less hunter x hunter or anime in general. stay tuned for more information i suppose I MEAN if you’re interested in the url? 

it might… be time to sleep now

hxh pairo icons

it’s half past 4 in the morning and i know it might not be an ingenious idea to post this at an hour in which there are barely 4 people on my dashboard but? sighs. i just finished doing a couple pairo icons from the manga scans i had at hand!!! they are 28 in total (petition for pairo to have more screen time… wait… UM petition to extend the special volumes?) in a 100 x 100 px size.  i hope you like them or at least check them out because pairo is simply so charming and adorable take a moment to appreciate my beloved child!

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my hair looks incredible from the side to be quite honest


person: so what have you been up to
me: (speaking very humble) well, I just got some new carpet.. it’s plush…
person: (trying not to sound envious) pl… plush? wow. I hear thats the nicest of all carpets
me: oh it’s nothing..


fill in the blanks


1. name: scarlet
2. birthday: march 4th
3. favorite color: indigo
4. lucky number: i don’t think i have one
5. height: 160 cms… 161? 162? i can’t remember sorry;;;;


1. last dream you remember:  last night’s dream… it was awfully vivid, tragic, extremely distressful and? SIGHS just??? definitely not enjoyable. not in the least bit. it was about me and my grill in an alternate universe in which we were trying to escape from a sudden and violent flood threatening our entire town? so? 
2. can you juggle: uh no
3. art/sports/both: i don’t practice any sport but i’m always up to participating when asked to? sport clubs usually come to me when someone of the team is missing… i mean… people tell me i’m good at playing but i lack discipline to practice any whoops? … concerning to arts i? would not consider myself talented but i enjoy drawing  and have participated in singing contests 
4. do you like writing: i tried writing fanfiction when i was younger but it simply isn’t in my blood laughs anyone who has interacted with me can conclude i’m not able to compose coherent words?? not verbally nor written which is so darn frustrating… shit boy…
5. do you like dancing: disgusting 

6. do you like singing: YE


1. dream vacation: anywhere that’s a tropical area with lush vegetation 
2. dream date: can i first meet my gf irl…
3. dream bf gf df: coughs
4. dream wedding: i have no immediate plans to marry? not now not ever

5. dream pet(s): a snake!
6. dream job: a… forensic pathologist or an ecologist photographer


1. favorite song: holy shit i hate choosing favourites sorry i’m too indecisive so i? probably won’t answer these?
2. favorite album: -
3. favorite artist: -
4. last song you heard on the radio: except for this one it was breezrblocks by alt-j!
5. least favorite song: -
6. least favorite album: -
7. least favorite artist: -


1. guys/girls/nbs: wheezes
2. hair color: no preference
3. eye color: uh
4. humorous/serious: hyo
6. biggest turn-off: please
7. biggest turn-on: uhm? if you mean what makes me feel attracted (as in… evoking interest) to someone (I SUPPOSE THIS is referring to physical features???) i’d say maybe their hands or eyes….. help